LinkedIn – How You Can Forward A Message?

The LinkedIn platform is regularly being updated to ensure a seamless end-user experience. With all the recent updates, we have got something that will ensure messaging others on the platform only gets easier. This is nothing but the Forward Messages feature that has newly been added. The article aims to review the recent addition and we will you how you can use it.

The Forward Message feature on LinkedIn

If you are a frequent user of social media apps such as Instagram or Facebook, you will be aware that we can forward messages on such platforms to other users. This not just makes messaging easier and faster but saves you a lot of time as well. The good news is, now you can forward messages on LinkedIn too. The catch here is, the feature is not exactly the same as in other social media apps.

LinkedIn limits the forward messages option to your first-degree connections only. If you are new to LinkedIn, you may not be aware of what this means. Don’t worry, here we are to help.

Terminology related to LinkedIn connections

People who join your network are referred to as “connections” on LinkedIn. These connections are further segregated into four types that eventually build your network:

  1. 1stdegree connections
  2. 2nd degree connections
  3. 3rd degree connections
  4. Members of LinkedIn Groups

The level or degree of connection that you have achieved with a certain user tells you how you can interact with them. There are different features that are available for the varied connection types. This includes the Forward Message feature, which is only limited to first-degree connections.

1stdegree connections

This set of people are the ones you are directly connected with. You had either accepted their invitation or these users accepted your invitation, which you had sent out to them. You will notice a 1stdegree icon next to their names that will signify the connection type. You will be able to send direct messages to your first-degree contacts on LinkedIn. Like we said before, you will be able to send them forwarded messages as well.

2nd degree connections

These users are the people who are connected to your 1stdegree connection. You will notice the 2nddegree icon on the profiles of these people just next to their names. LinkedIn allows you to contact these people through InMail. You may send them an invitation by selecting the “Connect” button on the profiles of these people. If they accept your request, they will become your first-degree connection, and you will be able to message them first hand.

3rddegree connections

These users have established a connection with the 2nddegree connections that you have. Just like the previous ones, you will be able to notice the 3rddegree icon next to their profile names. Remember that only if their full names are being displayed you will be able to send out an invitation to them. If you see the first letter of their last name only, you will not be able to send out an invitation to them.

LinkedIn Group Members

Being members of the same LinkedIn group, these users belong to your LinkedIn network. You can either message them through the group that you are a part of or send a text directly on LinkedIn.

People who are outside your network (meaning they do not fall under any of the above categories) have limited features and visibility. While in some cases, you can message them through InMail, this is not an option at all times. You can easily add them to your group of networks and make them a connection by selecting the “Connect” button on their profile.

Forward LinkedIn message – Desktop

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account on your desktop.
  2. Select the Messages tab located at the screen’s bottom right corner. This will open all the messages that you have shared with your connections.
  3. Select the conversation that contains the message which you want to forward.
  4. Move your cursor over the message which you want to forward. You will see the Forward icon appearing above the message box.
  5. Click on the Forward icon and pick between two options (either email or forward as a LinkedIn message).
  6. Type out the name of the LinkedIn connection whom you want to forward the message to.
  7. Draft your message and click “send.”

Forward LinkedIn message – iOS or Android devices

  1. Open your LinkedIn account and navigate to the conversations page.
  2. Select the conversation that has the message which you want to forward.
  3. Click and hold the message which you would like to forward. You will notice the Forward option will appear.
  4. Click the Forward option and choose between Share via or Via message.
  5. Type the name(s) of the users to who you want to forward the message to.
  6. Hit “Send.”

Points to remember about the Forward Message feature on LinkedIn

  1. You can forward messages to individual contacts only and not groups
  2. A user who receives a forwarded message will not be able to forward it to some other user. A particular message is restricted to be forwarded only once. However, you can forward the same message to different people at once.
  3. Users who received your forwarded message will be able to see who you have forwarded the message from.