How To Find Out If Someone Read WhatsApp Message With ‘Read Receipt’ Off

People these days have become so busy in their life that they don’t get enough time to manage everything and in such situations, getting constant messages on social media apps gets irritating. It gets more troublesome when the other person can see if you have seen their message and then you have to reply them even if you don’t want to. Some of the social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp have become very famous these days. WhatsApp every time rolls out a solution to your problems and this time too, it came with an amazing feature called the ‘Read Receipt’ feature, which has helped a lot of people in avoiding the unnecessary talks. People can now focus on other important work rather than having the compulsion of replying to everyone.

Through this feature, you all can read someone’s message and they won’t even get notified. When you’ll turn off Read Receipt, the other person will only get double tick even if you have read their message and the grey tick won’t turn to blue. Turning off this option will not only disable blue ticks for the other person but also for you. When you will send them a message, you won’t be notified if they have seen your message or not. Disabling Read Receipts option also has an affect on viewing WhatsApp status.

How To Know If Someone Read Your WhatsApp Message With Disabled ‘Read Receipts’ Option

Read Receipts is a great option to choose but when it comes to some important situations, it can cause people trouble. Like for example, you have a friend who has turned off their Read Receipts option and you texted them regarding something urgent. Now, its been 2 hours and the person still hasn’t replied to you. You might be going crazy thinking what to do in such a situation. You might want to know if that person has seen your message, if he/she is ignoring you or if that person is busy somewhere else. There might be thousands of questions going on in your mind. If the other person is ignoring you, you wouldn’t want to bother them considering your self respect. But, if the person hasn’t seen your message, you may want to call and notify them about your urgent message.

So, for such cases, is there any solution by which a person can know if someone has read their WhatsApp message with Disabled Read Receipts? The answer is Yes. You can do some tricks by which you will be able to know if the other person has seen your WhatsApp message with disabled Read Receipts or not. Here’s the following processes:

Send Them A Voice Note Message

This is probably one of the easiest way to find out whether the other person has seen your message or not when their Read Receipts is turned off. You might be wondering how a voice note would solve your problem. The ‘Read Receipt’ option has no affect on voice notes. Yes, you heard it right.

Send that person a voice message and as soon as they play it, the microphone icon on your voice note will turn to blue for both the sender and receiver which shows that the other person has heard your voice note. This indicates that the other person has been checking all your messages. Some of you might not know how to send a voice note. So, here’s the following steps to do it:

  1. Go to WhatsApp of your Android or iOS device and tap on the chat whom you want to send a voice note.
  2. When the chat gets opened, look at the bottom and you will find some options like: for typing, stickers, money transfer, camera and a microphone icon.
  3. Hold the microphone and speak whatever you want to say in your voice note.
  4. When you get done, release the microphone and the voice note will be sent.
  5. Also, you can either slide left the microphone to delete the recording.
    If you don’t want to hold the microphone throughout the recording, you can slide it up while speaking and it will get recorded on its own.
  6. When you are done, tap on the arrow icon to send your voice note to that person or you can tap on the delete icon appearing on your left to delete that recording.

Send A Message In Common WhatsApp Group

Another great way is sending a WhatsApp message in a group that you are both members of. The ‘Read Receipt’ function doesn’t work for WhatsApp groups too. It has no impact on sending a message in WhatsApp Group. The group members will be able to check your name even if you have disabled your Read Receipts option. But, this option might not work for everyone as there are less chances that the person whom you want to check on might or might not be in the same group as you. So, this will only work if the other person has common group with you. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to WhatsApp of your Android or iOS device and open the group chat that you are both members of.
  2. Send any emoji, text, pic or even create your own GIF and then send it in that group. After an hour, long press on your sent message and some options will appear on your screen.
  3. Tap on the ‘Info’ option with an ‘i’ icon next to it.
  4. The Message Info tab will open and you will be able to see two sections: Read By and Delivered to.
  5. The members who have seen that message will appear under the Read By category along with date and time at what they saw your message. You can check the name of that person under this category.