How To Find Out Who Has Hidden Their Instagram Story From You

We all have been using social media platforms from quite a long time and almost everyone must be aware of what their purpose are. Instagram is one such platform whose main purpose is to fulfil people’s needs and make their life easier and faster. It has started to become an addiction to people these days and they have started relying more on the app for their entertainment, work, etc. Talking about work, you must be wondering how a social media can be used for work purpose. The reel feature on Instagram has been a source of entertainment and work both. People took it as a work by collaborating with companies and making money by showing their talent on Reels. These videos can even be scheduled so that you do not get delayed in posting if you ever get stuck in any work. This way you will be consistent in posting and nothing will affect your work.

You can also put them on Stories and add any music to them to make it look more unique and entertaining. Some people even hide their stories from their followers. There could be many reasons behind it. Some hide it from their family when they lie about going to any party. Some hide it from people they have been ghosting so that they can’t see that you are active on Instagram. This function is a part of Instagram to offer high privacy to its users.

Now, are you wondering if there’s any such friend of yours who has blocked your from seeing their story? Are you recalling that your friends have not been posting anything from a long time? Is it just your imagination or has any of your brother/sister hidden their story from you? To get answers of all these questions, we are here for you. We have come up with some tricks that will help you in knowing who has hidden their Instagram story from you.

How To Know Who Has Hidden Their Instagram Story From You

Go And Ask That Person Directly

If you have a doubt on someone that they have blocked you from watching their stories, you should straight up ask them. This might sound awkward but it is best to ask a person directly rather than making up things in your mind. It will be peaceful once you get the truth. Now, it completely depends on the other person. They might or might not tell you the truth. But, if you go and ask them, they’ll start thinking how you got to know and might end up telling you the truth. There could be many reasons why that person hid their story from you. Maybe they were angry at you or something. Maybe they just wanted to show that story to some selected ones only. So, it’s always better to clarify your problems.

If they start giving you silly excuses and don’t admit that they have hidden the story from you. Then, you can try some other tricks we have explained below. Let’s take a look at them too.

Create A Fake Instagram Account

You can create a fake Instagram Account to stalk that person. This is one of the easiest method to find out if that person has hidden their story from you or not. All you have to do is just sign up with a new email and phone number and you are done. This method will only work if the other person has a public account, otherwise, you will have to send them a request and wait for them to accept it. If you do not know how to create a new account, you can:

  1. Log out from your existing account and you will be taken to the login page of Instagram.
  2. From here, tap on ‘Sign up’ option placed at the bottom.
  3. Select any username for your account that is available and tap on Next.
  4. Then, create a strong password for your account and again click on Next.
  5. Now, tap on add phone number or email address to complete your account procedure.
  6. You will receive a verification code on your entered mobile number or email address.
  7. Fill in that confirmation code and complete your sign up by adding a profile picture.
  8. That’s it, your account will be ready.
  9. Go to search bar and type the username of that person whom you want to stalk.

If you are able to see that person’s story and highlights, that means they have blocked your original account from watching their stories.
If the person has a private account, try making your fake account look more real. You can do it by posting some pictures from google, following some people and getting around 50-100 followers on that account. You can also add a bio and a profile picture. By doing all this, your fake account will look more original and there will be more chances for that person to accept your request.

Asking A Mutual Friend

Any of your mutual friend can help you in getting your answers. The person you want to check on might have mutual friends with you. You can ask them up and get a screenshot of their profile. If they can see the story or highlights of that person’s account, then they have hidden it from you. This is one of the most time saving method but will only work if you two have common friends on Instagram.