Top 6 Instagram Influencers of 2021

Instagram is a platform where people browse each other’s media and pictures. Most people use this platform to connect. Along with that, it is one of the best advertising vehicles for any company or brand. Everyone may not be excited about the idea of product placement, but Instagram provides an advantage over Facebook in this department.

Brands or companies that advertise over Instagram raise awareness by promoting their products with the help of various celebrities or influencers. It is a less invasive and much more transparent form of advertisement.

Difference between celebrities and influencers

It isn’t easy to distinguish between a celebrity and an influencer. A celebrity could be any famous person like an actor or an athlete who is also influenced. But when it comes to influencers, these are people who have a huge fan following and can reach a wide audience.

It is one of the most fantastic concepts among a celebrity and an influencer. Celebrities often act as brand ambassadors. But influencers are someone who will promote more than one brand. It is the reason why an influencer is seen as knowledgeable and trustworthy. They promote lesser-known brands as well.

Top influencers

Here are some upcoming and popular Instagram influencers. They became famous due to their expertise. All these people are non-celebrities.

Lily Pons

She has a woofing 43.3 million followers. An American-Venazuelean influencer became famous due to her talents. She gained her popularity as an actress, model and singer. She is a well-known name for Tarte cosmetics. She teamed up with the cosmetics brand as a brand ambassador only to deliver perfect content.

Jay Alvarrez

If you are interested in watching content on exotic destinations and adventurous travel, you must follow Jay Alvarrez. He is a 24-year Hawaiian model, social media personality and photographer. His journey came from YouTube and Instagram through his exotic adventures and travel videos. Apart from the travel pictures, he also promotes express and Calvin Klein. If anyone wants to immerse themselves in the exotic world from their couch, they must follow Jay Alvarrez. Not to mention he has 6.4 million followers on Instagram.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a known name among fashion and beauty personalities. She is one of the most prominent influencers with 4.1 million followers. With such attractive fashion and beautiful photography, one can go gaga over Alexa Chung’s Instagram account. She has a clothing line of our own and promotes her product. She also sponsors millions of people. Her relentless pursuit of future success has earned her quick and dedicated growth. People looking for fashion people on their newsfeed should follow Alexa Chung.

Doctor Mike

The name says it all. Looking for something outside fashion and food scenes should follow Dr. Mike Varshavski. His career as a physician and expertise in the medical field made him famous on Instagram. Besides, he posts frequent content on information and medical tips for his followers. Apart from that, he also posts lifestyle content with his dog.

Especially during the recent series of events, his account became popular as he posts relevant content and important information for millions of people going through situations like medical emergencies. With 4 million followers, Dr. Mike Varshavski happens to be one of the most influential doctors on social media. Must follow for people who look for a daily dose of medical advice from social media.

Huda Kattan

A huge 48 million followers for Huda Kattan made her famous in the makeup world. She is a self-made Instagram influencer who initially started with product tutorials and simple makeup videos. But she skyrocketed in popularity once she started endorsing her line of beauty products. Several celebrities, including Kim Kardashian wear the brand. The viral tips and hacks and the premium line of beauty products make her one of the modest entrepreneurs.

She established her self-made beauty Empire with zero rivalries. Due to her influence on Beauty World, she is one of the top names among the top-earning influencers of Instagram in the year 2017. Due to this reason, she charges an excessive amount for real advertisement and occasional endorsing on her Instagram account. With such an Empire worth more than a billion, she is someone to look upon if you are interested in entering the beauty sphere.

Zach King

He is one of the viral sensations for the nation. He has 24 million followers on Instagram and more than 40 million followers on TikTok. He is one of the most popular illusionists and magicians. However, he shies away from frequent brand advertisements. As he believes in quality, he is very selective about choosing the brand deals. If you look forward to a daily dose of humor and magic, then check out the feed of Zach King.

Becoming the Instagram influencer

Influences are one of the biggest advertising tools for any brand. They almost cover every niche. Since they are experts in their field, people look forward to the product they promote and trust them. Because of enough authority and influence in the respected field, they provide a high level of quality in promoting the product that they choose to advertise.

If you want to become one, you must remember that the journey is not that easy. If you want to taste success, you can look for these pointers:

  1. Check how would you look at it the Instagram metrics.
  2. Enhance you stories.
  3. Get your dream username.

Once you build your identity and brand, no one can stop you from becoming one of the top influencers.