How To Find Deleted Reddit Posts

Reddit is a social news gathering, online content review, and discussion network based in the United States. People who have enrolled at the site can share content, like links, reddit messages, pictures, and video content, which get rated by other members who can vote it up or down.

Deleted Posts On Reddit

Many Reddit posts and comments have been deleted or erased from millions of pages. This can leave you perplexed about what went wrong, and it’s upsetting to feel that you’ve been cheated. Luckily, there is a quick and painless way to view previously deleted articles and comments. If you want to see content that has already been taken from Reddit, we’ve compiled a list of third-party tools that can help.

How To Derive The Deleted Posts 

The following are a few tools to help you find Reddit content that has been removed.


Deleted comments that exceed the character limit of 1000 are saved automatically by ReSavr as draughts. ReSavr works as an archive for removed comments since it believes that lengthier comments are more likely to include valuable information.

As well as saving comments, this tool also saves posts that have had a comment removed. Your posts’ removed comments count is readily apparent in the user-friendly display. Whenever you mouse over a comment’s header, ReSavr displays a content summary. It’s easy to skim the words to find the ones that offer the information you seek.


Using Ceddit is a popular way to locate removed Reddit articles and comments. Using this third-party site, you may easily search through the collection of removed comments. Extracted comments are immediately retrieved and displayed in red-highlighted threads, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Removed comments can be accessed just like Reddit’s comment section. Discover which comments were deleted initially by looking for posts that have been highlighted in red. You can copy the URL and eliminate the alphabet R from if you want to obtain the deleted comments on a specific Reddit post. To make it into, all you have to do is substitute it with the letter c. When the page loads, deleted comments will be highlighted in red in the Ceddit interface.

Wayback Machine

Wayback captures screenshots of all the pages on every deleted website, preserving them for future use. Reddit isn’t the only site to benefit from this. You can go back in time and view what Reddit postings or comments looked like before they were erased.

Copy the URL of a removed comment post and paste it into a browser to see the comments that have been removed. The URL can be found at and then typed into the search bar. Click “Browse History.” To retrieve a copy of the post before the comments were erased, the Wayback Machine provides a calendar.

WBM collects screenshots of all websites; thus, finding a specific blog post or remark will be challenging. Before you see what you’re looking for, you’ll probably have to search for quite some time. The most straightforward approach to achieve this is to discover a screenshot taken at a given point in the day. Choose a day when you are positive that the comments were still alive, and then examine only the screenshots. You may have to search for a while before you locate a particular comment.

Un-Delete Reddit Comments

An extension called Un-Delete Reddit Comments is available for those who use Chrome as their internet browser. It can back up all comments on a particular post before the author of the blog article deletes them. The remarks which have already been erased will not be visible to you, but the comments will be saved in their entirety so that you can view anything that might have the chance to get removed later.

The utilization of the extension is straightforward. Open the Reddit post you want to monitor and click the extension button, which is placed in the top-right section. You’ll notice the URL and a large button that says “Cache” on the screen. It will save the entire page for you to view later if you click on it.


Use these tools to search for all of Reddit’s previously removed comments and posts. Reddit is the most straightforward to operate as it seems just like the actual site; however, it is occasionally preferable to mix approaches in order to gain the data you seek. You don’t have to be afraid of something evading your vigilant sight from this point forward.