How To Create And Post Your Instagram 2021 Playback

Nowadays, the photo-sharing app, Instagram is one of the most popular social media app. It offers a lot of features through which people can share their daily lives on Instagram story or promote their business.

The recently launched Reel feature gained a massive success as it allows users to make short videos and earn money through paid collaboration. Apart from these, Instagram launched a new ‘Playback’ feature which gives a glimpse of this year and lets users relive their 2021 Instagram stories.

What Does Instagram 2021 Playback Mean

Instagram’s new feature ‘Playback’ gives users a look back at the year gone by. It enables users recall all their favourite story memories from this year and share them. Instagram creates Playback by taking up to five Instagram 2021 stories to help you reminisce your special moments from this year. In this guide, we will tell you how you can create and share your Instagram 2021 playback.

How Can You See Your Instagram 2021 Playback

The Instagram 2021 Playback message will appear on your feed as you open your Instagram, you just have to tap on ‘View Playback’ to see your 2021 highlights. Now, you can add five more stories, edit or replace the images that Instagram chose for creating your Playback as per your choice. Then, you can share your Playback through Instagram story.
Some of you might not see the ‘View Playback’ invite from Instagram on your feed. For such situations, follow the steps below to see your Instagram 2021 Playback.

  1. Go to Instagram, there you’ll see people sharing their own 2021 Playback stories, tap on the colorful 2021 sticker on those stories.
  2. After that, click on the ‘View Playback’ option appearing on the screen.
  3. Now, Instagram will show your five story highlights from 2021.
  4. You can add five more images by clicking on ‘+’ icon as per your choice.
  5. Also, you can edit the images that Instagram used to create your Playback by adding location, tagging your friends or writing any captions.
  6. After editing and all, tap on the ‘next’ button to share your 2021 Playback through Instagram story.

Moreover, if you wish to share your Playback on other social media apps like WhatsApp, here’s the following steps how you can do it.

How Can You Share Instagram 2021 Playback On Other Platforms

  1. Select any image you wish to share on WhatsApp after you are done creating your Instagram 2021 Playback.
  2. Then, click on the three-dot icon appearing at the top of the image and tap on save button.
  3. The image will get saved in the internal memory of your phone. Finally, you can share the the image on WhatsApp or any other social media app.