Hinge App: Learn How You Can Match with Someone

All thanks to technology, in this modern world, to meet someone virtually through an app and then fix a date is something hundreds of apps offer. But what makes Hinge different? Their tagline “Designed to be deleted” says it all!

Hinge users often look for long-term, meaningful relationships and hope they will not have to use any dating app once they’ve found their match. Is it easy to get a match on Hinge? Let us tell you the process to “like” someone’s Hinge profile and what you need to do for a “match” or get more matches.

On Hinge, Here’s How You Can Match with Someone

Same as most dating apps, matching on Hinge is no rocket science. All you must do is to ensure your profile is updated with all the details; share “extra” or as much information as possible such as your preferences, and it will only add brownie points for you.

In the backend, Hinge’s algorithm will do the rest! It will suggest profile(s) that the app thinks you “may” like. Follow the below steps to find these suggestions:

  1. The first step is to log in (obviously)! Click on the “Discover” option on the panel at the screen’s bottom.
  2. As you read through somebody’s profile, you can “like” particular parts by tapping on the red heart icon. [Also note, you can leave a comment on these specific parts instead of only “liking” them. As per the Hinge app, if you leave a comment, your chances to receive a response is 3X]
  3. Tap on the checkmark on the “somebody’s” profile to send a “like.” If that “somebody” taps on your profile’s checkmark, you will instantly receive a match.
  4. To skip a person’s profile in case you aren’t interested, simply click on “X” on the profile.

These actions will provide feedback to the app, and the algorithm will work its magic and adjust the Discover page to help you find people who better suit your preferences.

How to Hinge Match with Someone Who Likes You

Another alternative to match with someone on Hinge is to “like” a profile back when someone likes your profile. This will generate an instant match. The panel at the home screen’s bottom of the Hinge app showing “likes You” lists all the people who have liked you. When you like someone, tap on the “match” button on their profile. This will move it to “Matches,” and you can start talking.

How you can Match Twice with a Person on Hinge

The ones you see in the “Discover” section will be suggested to you according to your likes and preferences or if the Hinge app thinks those people could be interested in you.

Like we said about the “X” selection earlier, if you click on “X” for someone’s profile, he/she will not appear on the “Discover” page. You may assume you will never match with them in the future, but the truth is, Hinge may suggest this person to you again, assuming you may one day change your decision. Smart, huh?

In addition, even if you select “X” for someone, but they “liked” you, these people will appear in the “Likes You” section. However, if you choose to tap “X” on the same profile two times, you will not be matched with that person.

Additional FAQs

  1. How does Hinge work?

Hinge does not have a website; you need to download the app on your phone. Fill your details in the profile, upload your best pictures and start “Matching.”

Hinge’s goal is to ensure a faster movement of users from appinteractions to meetings in person. It doesn’t believe in promoting countless scrolling, liking and matching, and this is the reason they have a limit of “liking” only 8 profiles in a day!

One interesting feature about Hinge is the “Dealbreaker.” With this, you can block a person automatically based on certain preferences, such as distance or if they’re a heavy drinker (just an example!).

  1. Can Hinge be used without Facebook?

If you are a Facebook user, the setting up of your Hinge profile gets simpler. But no worries if you are not an FB user! You can register with your phone number.  Hinge will send youa code on the number, and you can use it to verify your profile.

  1. What is the age group of Hinge users?

Most Hinge users are young professionals in search of serious relationships. The average age of users is: 24 and 32.

  1. How many people use the Hinge app?

Hinge has more than 5 million users across the world. Though the majority of them are from the U.S., there are many users across many European countries, Singapore, South Africa, Australia and India.

  1. On Hinge, how many matches can you get?

You can send up to 8 likes in a day if you use the free version of Hinge. These likes are reset every day at 4 AM in your local time. If you choose to subscribe to the paid version of the app, i.e., if you’re a Hinge Preferred member, you can send unlimited “likes” in a day.

The USP of Hinge promotes long-term relationships (easily identifiable by its tagline)! Are you a Hinge user? We’d love to hear your story! Share your experience in the comments below.