How To Create Custom Stickers On Instagram

Nowadays, one of the most used social media platform is Instagram. Many features like messaging, live video, video-calling and so on are offered by this platform. The newly introduced Reel feature which lets you make short videos on Instagram received an excellent response. Apart from this, it has some in built features which allow users to send GIFs or stickers, remove message etc.

Many of you already know about custom stickers and send them to your friends while chatting.
Lately, WhatsApp came up with a new feature of creating custom stickers within the app without the use of any third-party app for Desktop and Web users. If you need to create custom stickers for WhatsApp on Android or iOS, you will have to use a third-party app.

Although, Instagram lets you create your own sticker and send it to your friends within the app itself.
Keep in mind, you can only make boomerang-style animated stickers using your selfie on Instagram. Android and iOS users are allowed to use this new feature.
The following steps on how to make your own stickers using your selfie are:

  1. Go to Instagram, click on ‘messaging’ icon and open a chat.
  2. Then, tap on ‘sticker’ icon placed down right corner on the message bar.
  3. Now, choose the ‘selfie’ option appearing on your screen.
  4. There you get 6 options for effects that you can choose according to you.
  5. Now, tap on ‘boomerang’ to make your own selfie sticker. Also, you can set the time by tapping on the timer icon to create your selfie sticker.
  6. You can save your sticker to use it afterward or send it right away.
  7. You can make the sticker again if you do not like your selfie by clicking on retake button.

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