How To Know Or Tell If Someone Blocked You On Kik

Kik is an online messaging platform that can be used to make group conversations or send personal messages. Originally, Kik appears to be no different than any other online messenger service. You don’t need a mobile number to sign up because you may use an email. Kik will let you get in touch with friends and family.

Kik uses cellular internet or Wi-Fi connectivity to transmit messages. Similar to other messaging apps, Kik claims to have additional advantages. Images, emoticons, doodles, and GIFs can all be sent using the app without any hassle. You can also have live video calls. Besides, there are Kik Chat rooms to chat with active users.

Utility Of Kik

Kik’s greatest feature is simultaneously an alarming one too. It allows you to talk to random people. Kik allows you to connect with others who share similar interests as yours, rather than relying on superficial aspects like pictures and a basic bio. However, some people send fake photos on Kik. So, be cautious while interacting.

You can find people who share your likes by browsing public groups. People on the lookout for a romantic partner can join groups dedicated to that purpose.

The Concept Of Blocking

Everyone knows that blocking means preventing one person from contacting a blocker through a social media app. In a nutshell, the blocker will not be able to see any of the texts that the individual getting blocked sends.

However, with Kik, the individual who has been restricted can still send texts. Kik’s policy does not alert the prohibited user that they’ve been restricted. Therefore, the blocked user can still send texts. It’s difficult to discern whether you’ve been banned or not.

Someone contemplating blocking should be aware that the blocking will not affect any interactions that occurred prior to the blocking. In order to get rid of unnecessary data, do not do this activity.

Blocking Someone On Kik

Kik is a relatively new cross-platform chatting program known for its focus on confidentiality and security. Kik’s approach to barring people is stringent and easy, which makes sense given the company’s emphasis on data security.

You can take solace in the fact that your online personal privacy is being maintained if you feel the need to block an unwanted company. In contrast, if you’re a blocker, you’ll find yourself with no alternate at such.

Kik won’t inform people that their account has been suspended. Users can, however, figure out whether or not they’ve been blocked by a little investigation.

How To Figure Out If Someone Has Blocked You On Kik

Even if you are aware that your texts are not reaching through, being banned is a humiliating experience. It’s no secret that Kik places a high value on user confidentiality and makes it easy to blacklist unwanted users. Because Kik blocks users, you can no longer see if an individual has blocked you from the app. However, if you are on other social media platforms like Facebook, with some tricks, you can see profiles of people who have blocked you on Facebook.

To your advantage, it’s possible to figure out whether or not a person has prohibited you without having to wait for an official notice. To do this, you’ll need to be familiar with a few unique aspects of Kik.

“D” changes to “R”:

Even if an individual has restricted you on Kik, you can still communicate with them using the app. Once the message has been sent, it will be labeled with a “D,” just like any other text you have sent. This indicates that the text has been successfully “Delivered.” The “D” will not turn to an “R” because this individual has banned you, and as a result, they will never receive your text. You have been blocked if you have messaged a person and the letter “D” never converts to the letter “R.”

Start a group with them:

Another simple method of determining whether or not an individual has banned you on Kik is to attempt to form a group with them. As long as they haven’t blocked you, you should have no trouble setting up the group and starting a conversation with them. However, if they have blocked you, an ‘error’ message will be received by you. It’s really that simple to figure out if someone has blocked you on the app.


People getting blocked online on Instagram, Facebook or Kik may seem like a severe measure, but it may be required to avoid harassment and other forms of undesirable social media behavior. The ability to control with whom one might wish or not wish to communicate makes Kik users feel considerably safer.

The fact that this program does not provide a way for informing others of the ban is somewhat perplexing. As a result, it’s fairly uncommon for people to inquire as to how they may tell if someone has uninstalled the app or simply does not wish to communicate with them.

Users can quickly determine whether or not someone has blocked them by employing the tactics mentioned above. This will allow them to proceed without wasting efforts attempting to fix the situation.